A Complete Solution

On Bluemelon you get a complete solution for a professional photographer providing you with a safe place to store your photos, a portfolio website, and selling tools.

Sell Prints

Choose which of our high-quality prints you want to offer for sale. All print types are offered in various sizes and finishes.

Sell Merchandise

With Bluemelon you can sell more than just prints - you can sell posters, canvases, mugs, magnets, buttons, t-shirts, calendars and much more.

Sell Digital Downloads

Sell downloads of your photos and videos at the price you choose. Add your own licenses. Save time by uploading low-resolution images and replacing them only when they have been ordered.

Sell self-fulfilled products

You can self-fulfill your print orders, offer your own merchandise, define the shipping methods, set the way you will collect payments for self-fulfilled orders.

Approve orders

You can review and approve orders before going to production. You can replace individual files or change cropping before approval.

Featured Products

Feature some of your best-selling products and make them available by a single-click directly from the photo view page.

Create Coupons

Create an unlimited number of discount coupons to promote your sales. Coupons can provide a percent or a fixed discount. Set a minimum order price and an expiration date for each coupon.

Offer Package Prices

Manage single-image or multi-image product packages, provide package prices for your customers and sell larger amounts of your products.

Save Money

Our services are offered at one of the lowest prices in the industry. The service fee is 12% for prices in USD and 14% for prices in other currencies.

Withdraw anytime

We send you money by wire transfer. There is no threshold or minimum amount for profit withdrawal. You can withdraw your money anytime you like.

Relax And Profit

We take care of your portfolio presentation, photo hosting, order and payment processing, provision of customer service. Setup your selling website within minutes, and let your customers buy any products with ease.

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