Lightroom Publishing Plug-in

Lightroom Publishing Plug-in is the easiest way to publish and republish photos directly from Lightroom. You can import your existing album-category hierarchy, create new albums and categories as well as delete and rename the existing ones.

On the level of single photos, our plugin allows you to rename photos, add titles and descriptions, view comments and likes.

Finally, our plugin updates itself with the release of a new version.

Installation Instructions

1) Download the bluemelon plugin from: [60.3 kB]

2) Unzip files and move Move the bluemelon.lrplugin directory to your desired storage location.

3) Start Lightroom and go to 'File > Plug-in Manager'.

4) Click the 'Add' button.

5) Browse to the location where you saved the plugin, and select it.

That's it.

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