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On March 2 when I attempted to upload the St. John's tournament game, I was given a message on my website that the hosting company, Exposure Manager, was shutting down. I, and any other subscribers, have until March 15 to finished up any business.


So, the past 2 days I have investigated other hosting sites, and for now, BlueMelon, will be my new home. However, right now they are not associated with a print lab. Therefore, for the next several months, thru this site I will be offering digital downloads at 1600 x 1000 pixels, 300 ppi, for $4.50. Good for 5x7's, maybe 8x10's, that you can print yourself. The 10% discount for orders over $75 and 15% over $125 will still apply.


If you really need me to print something larger, contact me directy [] with the request. I will still create collages but at this time, I am not uploading that gallery to this site.


I will be covering some baseball games for each school, but to date I have not been contacted for track or softball.


Once I complete this site, likely with just the basketball season, my URL  will link to this site. If someone wants to order football or volleyball images, contact me and I will get those galleries posted here.


Thank you,


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