Kenneth Bellini - Mylne Archivist

The process of digitising and cataloging the Mylne archive took over three years and has culminated in one of the world's most complete and accessible yachting design archives. The Archive contains over 7000 drawings and 600 designs.


All drawings were scanned inhouse on a Colortrac scanner by our Archivist Kenneth Bellini (right). Once scanned all drawings were then carefully sealed and stored in a secure place.


These scans are now in the process of being put online using the Bluemelon photo service. The designs are grouped into various categories and sizes.


Note on sizes - the size refers to Length on Deck (hull length) as this is generally how yachts are referenced today. 100 years ago this was not the case, and yachts tended to be known by their Length on the Water Line - for example the Canada Cup 30ft yacht "Zoraya" is 47ft on deck, so falls into the 40-60ft category.


When you receive your drawings you should note that they were scanned at 300 Dots Per inch (DPI). Therefore if you print the drawing at 300DPI you will get a like for like reproduction. No standard paper sizes were used, so you will need to check carefully with your reprographics company to ensure you get a full print. In due course we hope to offer a hardcopy service - for now you can only buy the image files which are delivered to you via an email link.


Where drawings were difficult to read, we have digitally enhanced the work to make them more readable. 


You may sometimes notice some banding of the colour rendition on the drawings, this does not affect the dimensional accuracy of the reproduction. 


A few of the drawings may appear slightly distorted or warped - this is because the originals at the time of scanning were slightly distorted and warped depending on their age and the paper they were drawn on. We have not corrected for this.


Some designs contain blueprint duplicates of original drawings. Sometimes these have extra notes and details added, in which case we have included them, otherwise we have not. Note their scan reference will still appear in the text listing.


We hope you have as much fun looking through the archive as we have had in compiling it. Feel free to look through the numerous designs. Use the Search Function to help you narrow down particular designs, and the design list can also be used to home in on certain designs.



David Gray


on behalf of the Mylne Team.




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