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  • Easy Linking & Sharing
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  • Address your Visitors
  • Website Statistics
Easy Linking

We provide you with direct links to your photos in nine sizes so you can embed them in your website, blog or in a forum. Use our nice formatted links to your albums and full-screen SlideShows.

Contacts and Invitations

Build up a contact list. Add contacts automatically from your registrations or sales. Send out invitations to your homepage or individual albums.

Guestbooks, Comments, Likes

Let your visitors conveniently, without the need to register, leave you messages in the form of comments, emails or guestbook entries. See which photos are most popular.

Embedabble slideshow

Embed our fast-loading slideshow. Display it in any size. Present an album or play all of your public photos.

Embed full-working galleries

Embed fully working albums in your website or blog, configure colors and fonts. Use existing Joomla and Wordpress plugins.

Facebook and Social Networks

Post statuses and links to Facebook or Twitter directly from your albums. Export photos to Facebook or Flickr. Share links on many other social networks from inside Bluemelon.

Portfolio Website Statistics

View various website statistics for arbitrary time periods. Connect to your Google Analytics account. View the total number of visitors to individual photos or albums.

RSS feeds

Inform your visitors about new additions to your Bluemelon Portfolio Website or a particular album via RSS - the internet standard for content distribution and syndication.

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