Get the First-class Protection
for your Photographs :
  • Easy upload
  • Safe Storage
  • Secure Sharing
  • Retrieve Anytime
Safe Storage

We back up all photographs on Amazon's network of datacenters. Each photo is stored multiple times in different geo-locations, and can be retrieved even in case of a hardware failure in 2 locations at the same time.

Privacy Modes, Passwords

You can activate an account password or a password for individual albums. You can make albums or individual photos private or unlisted. To grant someone access to your protected content, you may send an invitation.

Send Out Invitations

Make it easy for your clients to access private or password-protected photos by sending them an e-mail invitation. Configure each invitation with an expiration date for increased safety. View who actually used your invitation.

Restrict the Resolution

Restrict the maximum accessible size of your photos, or the maximum accessible quality of your videos. You can still make the originals available by setting up a full-quality access password.

Right-click Protection

Use the right-click download protection and prevent your visitors from right-clicking your photos and saving them to their hard-drive.

Disable Sharing Options

Disable hot linking of your photographs, making it impossible for others to display your pictures elsewhere. Disable the sharing tools, making unwanted use of your photographs significantly more difficult.

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