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Customize your website

Choose which sections are displayed on your homepage. Customize every section's layout. Add arbitrary text or photos. Select from a multitude of combinations of thumbnail sizes and layouts for your albums.

Pick-up ready to use Themes

Choose from over 40 themes and differ your homepage from those of the crowd. We offer one-colored themes, themes for travel, Christmas, sports, art, family, wedding, and many more occasions and topics.

Design Your Own Themes

Utilize the easy-to-use Theme Designer to create your own themes. Start your own theme or modify an existing theme. Your imagination is the only limit.

Customize links

Customize the navigation links on your homepage and in the footer. Use any of the built-in links or add links to any external websites.

Customize CSS and HTML

If the plentiful themes, layout options, and functionality settings are not enough for you, you can replace the default header and footer with custom HTML code, and use your own CSS to fully customize your photo website.

Powerful Watermarking

Create styled text watermarks, or use any image that you have uploaded to create image watermarks. Assign watermarks to either individual photos or full albums.

Use Your Own Domain

Use a domain you own, or set up your Bluemelon photography website on a subdomain of your existing website. Cross-link your website as you like.

Create New Pages

Do you want to go beyond photographs and albums? Using our simple editor, you can add new pages to your portfolio website and link them from your custom menu.

Register your Visitors

Activate optional or mandatory registration before your visitors can access your photos. Ask them the questions you want. View the photos each of your registered visitors liked.

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