All Subscribers
100 MB maximum photo size
3 GB maximum video size
FTP Upload
(set up an access in the Site Settings)
supported formats : JPG, PNG, GIF and common video files
XMP and IPTC metadata support
(XMP for reading and writing, IPTC for reading )
guest uploading
(by setting up an upload password)
private, public, unlisted or password-protected albums
per photo access mode
limit the largest photo size your visitors can access
limit the video quality your visitors can access
protect the originals with a password
disable external linking
right-click download protection
create and apply unlimited watermarks
own domain name
variety of themes and layouts
add custom header or footer
(requires HTML knowledge)
add custom CSS
(requires CSS knowledge)
create custom pages
(using a word-like editor - no coding knowledge required)
customize navigation links
(on your homepage and in the footer)
design your own themes
(using our theme designer - no coding required)
add HTML head tags
style text in descriptions
(using a word-like editor - no coding knowledge required)
links in descriptions
(use links in photo or album descriptions)
send invitations by email
RSS feeds
client access
export photos to facebook
create and share zip files
export photos to flickr
post statuses to facebook or twitter
wordpress and joomla plugins
embed a slideshow in your site or blog
embed fully working albums in your website
full size photographs, 1080p video
photo details and EXIF metadata
photo comments
links to photos in nine resolutions
photo voting
unlimited albums and categories
drag and drop photo management
rotate, flip, replace photos
batch editing of titles and descriptions
edit photos using picmonkey
batch copy, move, buy, feature, delete
geotag your photos
customizable photo, album, and category order
detailed traffic statistics
visitor statistics per photo/album
visitor registration
(optional or mandatory visitor registration before accessing your photos)
see photos a registered visitor liked
ticket-based support system
referral program
(save a friend 10% and get free 5 GB forever)
photo blog
(fully customizable integrated blogging software)
add Google Analytics
Business Package
$40 / year
sell photo downloads
(originals or images in a chosen resolution. Adjust licenses)
sell video downloads
customize download options
(individual pricing by image size and licensing terms)
review purchased files before they are downloaded
(retouch and replace individual files if necessary)
set your prices
(supported currencies : USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD or GBP)
create price lists
(assign them to albums, individual photos or entire portfolio)
share shopping cart with a customer
(e.g. pre-fill the customers' carts for easy checkout)
generate sales reports
(by products or albums. Export them as CSV for Excel viewing)
create discount coupons
(% discounts or amount off, with expiration and minimum order price)
your own payment processor
(set up PayPal or 2Checkout as your payment processor)
no fees, no commision
(you keep 100% of the order total)
Debrand Package
$25 / year
Remove the 'Website By' from the footer
(removes the "Photo Website by Bluemelon" from the footer)
Please note : Our service is not intended to host non-photographic graphics.
Prices and plans may change at any time without notice.
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