Bluemelon Photography : The Affiliate Program
What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is a great way to earn money by referring users from your website and hence earning commissions if they decide to become paying customers. If you refer a user to bluemelon and he decides to become a subscriber, Bluemelon pays you a commission for your referal.
Who is this for?
The Affiliate Program is designed for people operating their own trafficked websites. We do not allow advertising using questionable methods such as via e-mails or forum posts, unless it is your website's official email or newsletter.
What can you get?
  • free to join - the program is free to join for any registered Bluemelon user.
  • 40% commissions - 40% payout starting from the first referral.
  • real-time statistics - you can view hits, registrations and sales for each day, view referring URLs for every registration and view the users that you referred
  • one year referral validity - commission is credited to you if, within the period of one year after a visit referred by you, the referred user becomes a subscriber. We use a one-year cookie, which means that the commission will be credited to you if a visitor upgrades within a year since his initial visit referred by your website.
  • discount coupons - you can create discount coupons and set their discount up to 25% and their expiration date. Your coupons are valid only for users referred by you.
Why should you wish to participate in the affiliate program?
  • Bluemelon offers a quality service with the many useful features and great customizability
  • you are paid the whole of the singular commission of 40% starting with the first referred user
  • the commissions are creditable to you for the period of a whole year after the referral
  • we give you the option to offer discount coupons so that it is actually beneficial for people to give you a commission
  • joining the affiliate program is free so there is nothing to lose and much to gain
How can you join?
You need : your website, a Skrill account, and an account here at

1. Create a new account or log in if you already have a bluemelon account
2. Go to while logged in. An application form will be displayed at the bottom of this page.
3. Our staff will review your website within two days and let you know should we disapprove your affiliate registration.
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