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    For Photographers Like YOU :-)
    Unforgettable Moments have a New HOME
    A simple, smart and secure solution
    for your photography portfolio.
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    You are in a Good Company.
    Discover Awesome Features.
    Create your online portfolio within seconds.
    Get a fully customizable photography website.
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    Possibilities are Endless.
    No Limits to your Creativity.
    Bluemelon is a complete solution for presenting
    and selling photos & videos online. No fees charged!
Unrivalled Websites for Photographers like YOU
Backup, share, present, or sell your photos & videos.
Get a Photo Website from Bluemelon.
A smart hosting for your portfolio

Get a free trial, create albums, upload your photos or videos

Your website is ready!

Now your can share, customize, or sell your stuff

Sample Website

Your work is protected and safe

Safe photo hosting

Integrated watermarking

Privacy modes

Access control tools

About Privacy

Be Yourself
We do not limit your creativity

You get a fully customizable photo website

Your own logo, header and footer

Selection of themes with an integrated theme designer

Your own domain

About Customization

Sell Your Work
Easy setup of your own selling website

Sell your photos or videos with no fees

Set download prices per photo or per album.

Offer discount coupons

Assign pricing to albums, individual photos or entire portfolio

About Selling

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